Terms and Conditions of Hire for Coach Work
operated by Smiths Motors Ledbury Ltd.

1. A deposit or full payment may be requested when booking is made.
2. Turn out Fees:
These will be charged at the Company's disgression.
1. Cancellation Charges for Private Hire:
Cancellation will be charged at 20% of cost if cancelled the day prior and 50% cancellation on the day.
1. Any complaint must be submitted in writing within 7 days of return journey.
2. Overtime incurred on journeys other than times stated in the original booking will be charged at a rate/hour or part thereof.
3. Waiting time on Airport/Port Transfers will be charged after 2 hours of estimated time of arrival.
4. The right is reserved to supply a larger coach than the one ordered. No extra charge will be passed onto the Hirer providing the additional seating capacity is not utilised.
5. The right is reserved to Sub-Contract a vehicle from another Coach Company.
6. The right is reserved to change Coaches or Driver during the course of a journey due to unforseen circumstances or as a result of Legislation concerning Drivers Hours.
7. The Hirer must abide by the Legislation concerning Drivers Hours.
8. Any damage caused to the vehicle by any member of the Party/Group travelling on the Coach shall be the responsibility of the Hirer who will be charged for the repair/replacement cost.
9. Luggage and Personal Effects are carried on our vehicles at the Owners Risk. The Company does not guarantee to carry all luggage or effects.
10. The Company is not responsible or liable for Lost Property.
11. The Company does not accept liability for any loss, delay or inconvenience caused as a result of delay or breakdown.
12. The most direct route between any two points will be taken by the Driver unless arranged prior to the booking.
13. The right is reserved for the Driver to refuse carrying anyone, who in his/her opinion is unfit to travel for any reason.
14. All invoices to be paid in full within 30 days of Hirer receiving them.
15. The Company reserves the right to vary prices and levy surcharges at any time prior to departure. If the new price is unacceptable the Client may cancel the booking and receive a refund of all amounts paid.
16. Extra cleaning of the coach due to a. passengers leaving excessive amounts of rubbish or b. passengers being ill, may be charged to the Hirer.
17. The Hirer, on accepting a Confirmation Letter, hereby agrees to the Conditions of Hire of Smiths Motors Ledbury Ltd.